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Typical Season Schedule


Fall Camp

We begin football practices every year on Aug-1.  The month of August is effectively known as "Fall Camp".  During this month we typically practice on Monday through Friday 6pm-8pm @ Menlo Atherton High School.

The 3rd Sat in August is typically a scrimmage day and we will scrimmage against other teams in our league instead of practice.

The 4th weekend in August is our Certification Weekend - we do not practice on Sat of that weekend but instead play a preseason game (called Jamboree Game) on the last Sunday in August.

All players are required to participate in 5 conditioning practices (10 hours) before they are able to put on full gear and participate in contact practices.  Players will wear just helmets and mouthpieces (along with shorts, tshirts and cleats) during conditioning practices and there is zero contact during these practices.  Players must also participate in 5 contact practices (10 hours) before they can participate in any scrimmages or games.  For this reason it is important to try NOT to minimize any missed practices in August (ideally miss ZERO practices) so your child does not fall behind and will be able to participate like rest of the team.

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Regular Season

Our regular season starts immediately after the Jamboree game and we typically practice 3 days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays 6-8 but sometimes we may swap a weekday for a Sat morning (9-11am) depending on whether our teams have a Sat game or Sun game.  Away games can be any time of the day on Sat and Sun and anywhere in the Bay Area.  Home games will be Sundays @ Menlo Atherton High School. Each team will only play 1 game per weekend.

The regular season consists of an 8-game schedule (starting Labor Day weekend and concluding in late October.  

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Post Season

Teams may qualify for post-season playoffs (based on record) which start the last weekend in October.  Playoffs will typically last 2-3 weeks and conclude with League Championships the 1st or 2nd weekend of November.  Teams winning the League championship may advance to the Regional Championships which are typically the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Teams winning the Regional championship earn the opportunity to advance to Pop Warner National Championships which are in Orlando FL the first week of December.

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