Club Fees Include:

Dedicated Coaches & Leadership Team 

3 practices per week for all 

Performance training & recovery led by LEMO Activated Sports Performance Team

Academic Tutoring led By The LEMO Foundation

High School Admission Assistance

Players' Uniform and equipment: NIKE Jerseys,Game pants, Gameday Shirt, Gameday pants,Practice t-shirts


Club Fee Details, 8U -14U

Menlo-Atherton Football offers two payment options for paying your club fees.


Option # 1 - "Pay in Full"

Payment is due day of signing night, Sunday, TBD.  

We accept check, cash, debit, and credit cards if you pay in full.


Option # 2 - "Payment Plan"

The "Payment Plan" allows you to spread out your regular season payments. The payment for the Payment Plan option will be withdrawn on the following dates:


Payment # 1: TBD

50% of club fees [can pay via check, debit or credit card]

Payment # 2: TBD

25% of club fees [will be charged automatically via autopay]

Payment # 3:TBD

25% of club fees [will be charged automatically via autopay]


Regardless of your payment plan, postseason fees will be collected prior to the end of the regular season for specified teams.  


Making Payment with Credit Cards

Making any payments by credit card will incur an additional convenience fee.  You can avoid convenience fees by making payment using a check rather than a credit card.


Full Commitment

Players and families are making a commitment for the full duration of the regular season and full duration of the postseason, and any decision to leave the team early for any reason does not release a family from their responsibility for full payment of club fees listed above. Families are liable for the full amount of the club fees regardless of play time, player injury, player illness, and non-participation. No refunds or discounts will be given.


Scholarship Opportunities

It is the goal of Menlo-Atherton Football to make our programs accessible to all youth who wish to participate in sport and educational activities, regardless of their financial status. Families who are unable to pay the club fees may be eligible for partial financial assistance based on their income. Scholarships are limited by the resources available at the time of application.


Awarded scholarships include a commitment to the club by the athlete/family granted the scholarship, in the form of community service hours at MAV(i.e. assisting with clinics & camps, events held at LEMO U or building projects). 


Completed scholarship applications and respective supporting documents MUST be returned no later than June 26th.


Scholarship Requirements 

  1. Attend all scholarship meetings

  2. Participate in MAV Bingo Fundraiser

  3. Participate in LEMO- MAV Fundraiser

  4. Volunteer hours during season, Aug-Nov

  5. Represent MAV Football in a positive way on and off the field


Application Process:  Please note that the application process will be closed on June 26th.




*ATTENTION* You must have a gmail account to fill out the scholarship application 


1.  Complete the online APPLICATION - CLICK HERE

2.  Please attach at least ONE of the following documents from each parent/guardians to show your financial need:

a. Most recent Federal income tax return with W2 forms attached

b. Last two (most recent) paycheck stubs, unemployment check stubs or disability check stubs

c. Letter from employer stating annual wages or salary

d. Proof of child’s participation in the school’s free/reduced lunch program.

e. Documentation of special circumstances to be considered (for example: medical treatment, education costs, unemployment, etc.)

3.  Please attach a letter of recommendation from either a former or current teacher/coach to speak to the character of the applicant and how she would benefit from playing club sports.

4. CREDIT CARD DETAILS are required in order to secure your portion of payment if a scholarship is awarded.

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